Benjamin Becerra (Venezuela)

Benjamin BecerraOriginally from Anaco in Venezuela, Benjamin Becerra grew up in a Christian family. As a child, he was always interested in music, staring at the musicians in the evangelical church which he attended with his family.

The youngest of three boys, Benjamin learned basic steps in music theory from his mom at the age of 7 or 8. Later, his oldest brother taught him more difficult stuff like solfa (reading/singing music), and how to play that in flute and piano. At 10 years old, he received lessons on the very traditional 4-string instrument from Venezuela, the “cuatro.” He also watched his middle brother, Eyderman, practicing acoustic guitar, which Benjamin learned by imitating his brother. When Benjamin was 12 or 13, Eyderman taught Benjamin how to play the bass, because he wanted a band and he needed a bass player. Since then, bass and guitar have become Benjamin’s main instruments.

At the age of 17, he moved to Maracay (a bigger city in the center of Venezuela), where he earned a degree in Music Teaching in 2009. He participated in music projects in local churches, taught music and recorded music in churches and with other musician from nearby Venezuelan cities. He also studied in a Conservatory of Music in Aragua for several years. In 2009, Benjamin, Eyderman and friends formed a rock band, “R3,” and in 2013 released an album called “Rumbo Al Desastre” (On The Way To A Disaster) where he was the bassist and lead singer.

In early 2014, Benjamin moved to Ireland (with Eyderman, and his sister in law) to study English. Since then, he has been playing mostly Latin music, improving with the help of his Venezuelan and Cuban musician friends. He played twice for the President of Ireland, Mr. Michael D. Higgins, with the acoustic Havana Club Trio. The Trio’s leader, Cuba’s Tony Oscar, has been personally invited for Mr. Higgins several times to give him a taste of not only Cuban, but all Latin American music, which Mr. and Mrs. Higgins love so much.

While based in Dublin, Benjamin got the opportunity to audition with this great band, Baile An Salsa from Galway in December of 2016! His Cuban friend, Frailan Moran, introduced him to the band as they needed a bass player. Since then, he has been putting the low notes and adding a bit of salsa flavor to the band. Benjamin traveled with Baile An Salsa to America twice to perform at two large folk music festivals, Kansas City Folk Fest and the Philadelphia Folk Fest.

Currently, Benjamin is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Music in the DCU Music Program (previously known as Newpark Music Center, an extension of Berklee College of Music in USA). Benjamin also plays almost every Sunday in Dublin Vineyard Church, and works with one his best Venezuelan friends, singer and composer, Ronix, whose personal music project entails Electronic Merengue, Urban Music and a bit of all Latin American Rhythms.