Brid Dunne

Brid is originally from Drogheda, Co.Louth and is now based in the West of Ireland where she teaches and composes. A highly regarded pianist, she is noted for her versatility and combination of genres in her playing.

She inherited a deep appreciation of Irish traditional music from her father and a love of classical and jazz from her mother, also a pianist. After studying classical music in Cork, she began to experiment with different genres in her music including salsa. Her real love of salsa piano, however, came about after meeting with Annie Gillespie, fellow pianist, in London who introduced her to the music of the great Rebeca Mauleon. Annie and Brid exchanged styles and this inspired her to put together “Mother’s Delight” and other Irish/Salsa tunes.

Since then, she has visited Cuba to experience this wonderful music, firsthand and has been the piano player for Galway Salsa bands, Calle Latina and Cuba Libre up to 2007 . She has also played and recorded with other artists over the years. She loves the music and creative energy shared with a great group of individuals that is Baile an Salsa!