Coming Soon – Multicultural Music Project

COMING SOON – your chance to get involved in a Multicultural Music Project when we launch our crowdfunding campaign on the 29th of JUNE! We’re raising funds to return to the studio and finish recording our new album! It’s our first ever crowdfunding campaign, and we are determined to have some fun with it.

We’ll be sharing our story with entertaining videos and more. Loads of great stuff! Background stuff! Behind the scenes stuff! Giveaways of stuff!! When you follow the hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll get regular updates – during and after the campaign.

While sharing our multicultural message over the years, we’ve made so many great friends, and we can’t wait to connect with even more of you! Thanks for being an important part of this journey!!

#IAmMulticultural #IAmSalsaTrad #IAmBaileAnSalsa